Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012

How The Internet is Changing Shopping

Gnomo online shop 2012 abajoGnomo online shop 2012 abajo (Photo credit: √°lvarozarzuela)The Internet is the greatest invention. Many people think of the internet as a place of entertainment. It is not only a source of entertainment but also a fantastic place of commerce.

When buying electrical appliances and whitegoods like LCD TVs, Plasma TVs or kitchen appliances like a refrigerator or rangehood, it’s always better to research online about the product. Not only can a prospective buyer find product reviews and ratings, it is also much simpler to compare prices of products in the comfort of their own homes without travelling. Equipped with all the research, the online shopper can be confident in making the purchase.

Shops are incredibly jam-packed during the holiday season. Parking can also be a major task, not to mention the non-cooperative weather. Snow, ice and large holiday crowds can turn a nice shopping trip into a annoying event. LCD and plasma screen TV?s are becoming rather larger and cumbersome items. When purchasing them in a store, one needs to balance his or her research as well as lift the item into the shopping cart, weave it through the store, load it into the car, and then transport it into the house. When handling with an appliance that people can’t lift alone like fridges or cooktops the task of shopping at a store becomes even more intimidating. An online shopper clicks on add to cart? and home delivery comes naturally.

Just like the brick and mortar shops, online shops have sales and promotions too, making it cheaper and easier to buy things online. Take for example gift cards: You can either go to your local store, and pick and choose between 10-30 gift cards and hope you find the perfect one for the person you're buying it for. Or, you could Google online gift cards and pick and choose between thousands of options, all of which compete against one another for your purchase decision. delivery is reduced or eliminated. Not only do online shoppers save themselves some stress and get fabulous deals, they get ?early bird specials? in the comfort of their own homes.

Hidden amongst pictures of cute cats and streaming music, the internet is a bustling world of commerce and it’s all focused around convenience.